About Carbonhalo

Helping everyone offset their carbon emissions to do good

We’re an independent and progressive organization with a mission to help people and small to medium businesses rebalance the planet’s climate through hassle-free ways.

Based in Brisbane, our small team of professionals are certified carbon inventory auditors with years of experience across a diverse range of backgrounds including renewable energy, management consulting, lean six sigma, end-to-end supply chain, e-commerce, and health & safety.

Carbonhalo was launched when two of our founders discovered how hard and confusing it was for small businesses and individuals to offset their emissions. We know that not everyone has the funds and information to thoroughly calculate their carbon footprint, so we’ve done the work to enable anyone to go carbon neutral in 4 easy clicks.

Our Team:


Richie – Co-founder

Having spent 20+ years in corporate business, as an accredited carbon specialist,  has seen the impact on our environment and the difficulty for most to do something about it, is on a mission to educate and simplify, what can be a complex area.

Growing up on the beach, is an avid surfer, has a wife, two young children and is quite particular about coffee and exhibits some OCD on cleanliness


David – Co-founder

David has an engineering background and is an accredited carbon inventory specialist. He is also an experienced company director and corporate strategy expert with more 20+ years of practice providing innovative solutions to projects and organisations around the world.

Once an avid surfer but after doing his knee is now content, reminiscing about the good old days or trying to swing a gold club. David has a wife and three kids and tends to spend his weekends going from one children’s sporting event to the next.


Dave – CMO

Dave has spent over 15 years developing brand building strategies for some of the world’s most iconic brands, Heineken, Volkswagen, Unilever and Booking.com.

Today Dave is combining this experience with a single-minded mission to create meaningful change for the planet and its people.
Between his newborn daughter and an 18mth old puppy Dave has all but lost control of his household.


Paul – CTO

Paul is an experienced CIO / CTO and blockchain specialist with extensive experience in product delivery within the technology space. Most recently served as Chief Experience Officer at Yojee, CIO at OpenPort, & Founder at Powlett Group

A father of two little humans and two canines (one little, the other not so little) hits the surf when he can, long walks on the beach & romantic novels (ok the last two may not be accurate)


Alyssa – Marketing

Running her own marketing agency from a young age, and assisting many businesses navigate the ever-changing tech world, her passion lies in sustainability and a way to help get simple yet effective messaging to our communities.

Growing up on Sydney’s northern beaches, Alyssa lives around the ocean, forced to get up early morning by an overactive pup enjoys the sunrise and a drink at her local (coffee shop that is).


Amy – Senior Analyst

Amy loves data! So much so she has spent over a decade chasing it, analysing it, fractionising it and making sense of the world with it.

With extensive experience across some of the nation’s largest brands including Ampol / Caltex / Coles / Myers, she delves deep into our project analysis making sure everything is stacks up and captured.

A passionate cook, can be found whipping up a feast for two kids, whilst enjoying metal & punk music, champagne and wine, all combined that’s a pretty big clean up.

Our Values:

We believe that climate change isn’t the responsibility of a single individual. Instead, if we all do our bit, it adds up to create a more sustainable world. And we think we can help people get involved by following our key values:


Understanding the impact of our choices helps us make informed decisions. Because of this, we focus on only funding community projects that are actively restoring our planet, and all our staff are qualified in Carbon Inventory Development and Carbon Inventory Auditing.


We can work smarter to deliver greener solutions. It’s why we adopt new technologies like blockchain, offering instant access to tokenised carbon credits that offset emissions in a transparent and global way.


Keeping climate action simple makes it easier to create change. So we do the complex thinking behind the scenes to minimise the time you need to spend on maximising your impact.