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About Carbonhalo

We hope it’s obvious that we help small to medium businesses become empowered with a simple way to take positive climate action. A core function of our team is to minimise the number of carbon offsets any business or individual uses: first by lowering emissions as much as possible.

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Our Commitment


We will do whatever it takes to help you understand the current climate impact of your business – our advice is FREE


No business is exactly the same so our services and products are tailored and affordable to fit your business sector, size and budget with no hidden fees.


We offer full transparency on where money is distributed so you have confidence in the positive impact you make


For any offsets that are used all meet International standards and are certified by the appropriate regulatory bodies

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Having spent 20+ years in corporate business, as an accredited carbon specialist has seen the impact on our environment and the difficulty for most to do something about it, Richie is on a mission to educate and simplify what can be a complex area.

Growing up on the beach, is an avid surfer, has a wife, two young children and is quite particular about coffee and exhibits some OCD on cleanliness


David has an engineering background and is an accredited carbon inventory specialist. He is also an experienced company director and corporate strategy expert with more 20+ years of practice providing innovative solutions to projects and organisations around the world.

Once an avid surfer but after doing his knee is now content, reminiscing about the good old days or trying to swing a golf club. David has a wife and three kids and tends to spend his weekends going from one children’s sporting event to the next.