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Adana Turkey Hydropower – VERRA


The Sanibey Dam & Hydroelectric power plant with a total output of “310.66 MWe” is located in the Seyhan river basin, in Turkey’s Eastern Mediterranean Region.

In order to generate energy, the power plant building includes two units each with an output of 155.33MWe  positioned downstream of the dam body. Post project completion, a separate project will also be carried out by the State Hydraulic Works (DSI) which envisages a co-benefit of irrigation for 75,000ha of land in the Imamoglu region.

The aim of the project is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions that would have otherwise occurred in the absence of the project activity by avoiding electricity generation from fossil fuel sources. The average annual emission reduction of the Project is 524,729 tonnes of CO2e, with a total reduction of 5,209,598 tCO2e, as verified by VCS in August 2021 the project thus far has delivered 2,282,048t CO2e for the period ending 2018.

Project Location:


Project Summary:

Type – Hydroelectric Power replacing fossil fuel

Total tCO2e Averted  – 5,209,598

Annual tCO2e Averted – 524,729

Certified Project – VERRA VC1100