We get it! You need to drive a car, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help the environment.

By contrbuting to certified climate projects you can balance the emissions from your daily drive.

Use the vehicle emissions calculator below and simply click Balance Now. Our climate partner Carbonhalo will do the rest for you, along with a certificate so you can be proud of your positive action.

Balance out your vehicle's annual emissions


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MyMoto members receive a 10% discount & for every 1,000kg balanced and 5 x trees will be planted for you by Carbonhalos Planetree Program

Projects where impact is made

Canadian Solid Waste Diversion – VERRA

Project Summary This project focuses on the use of technology to assist small to medium businesses with the aim of

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Savanna Fire Management -ACCU

This project is located in the Cape York Peninsula North Queensland. Olkola Ajinis a fully indigenous owned and operated site

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Parro River North – CER ACCU

Project Summary TThis Australian project is focused on Human-Induced Native Forest Regeneration in South West Queensland with an applied methodology

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About Carbonhalo’s Planetree Program

Carbonhalo is climate organisation that offers environmental solutions that help business and individuals understand and then minimise their climate impact. As part of the Planetree Program Carbonhalo additionally funds the planting of 5 trees for every 1tCO2 balanced through the Carbonhalo Platform, and also offers an e-commerce app solution to enable customers to make a positive impact by planting trees for online purchases.

Carbonhalo and its Planetree Program have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects a non-profit organisation dedicated to combating deforestation and poverty in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

In addition to reforestation, the projects also focus on providing employment and training opportunities to the people of Madagascar. By hiring and training local workers to plant and care for trees, helping to build a more sustainable future for the island and its people.