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Paroo River North – CER ACCU


This Australian project is focused on Human-Induced Native Forest Regeneration in South West Queensland with an applied methodology Under the Carbon Farming Initiative – Human-Induced Regeneration of a Permanent Even-Aged Native Forest-1.1

Some 38,000hs of native forest is being regenerated at Yerrel and Humeburn Station on a 52,900ha property near Cunnamulla SW Qld.

Greater than 1 million tonnes of CO2e emissions are being sequestered. Previous agricultural practices that caused significant suppression of native vegetation are being discontinued and management activities include the ceasing of mechanical or chemical destruction or suppression of regrowth, counter climatic cyclical grazing – managing the timing and the extent, and the impact of feral species is being reduced.

This project also looks to protect 18km of riparian zones along the Paroo River, increase biodiversity in the region, and opportunities for the local indigenous community who have native title interest on land and property owners.

The project is a certified by the Australian Clean Energy Regulator and uses ACCU’s

The project also achieves the following UN Stational Development Goals: