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Renewable Energy El Salvador – UNFCCC


This project aims to supply El Salvador with renewable energy via a geothermal power plant, to improve the supply of electricity whilst contributing to the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of the community.

A fundamental goal of the project is the efficient use of resources, particularly indigenous resources, whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

By the use of indigenous resources and a cleaner source of electricity the project contributes to environmental sustainability by avoiding electricity generation from imported fossil fuel sources, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that would be generated in the albescence of the project. With an annual average emission reduction of 150,171 t CO2e.

The Project Activity includes a biodiversity inventory research project to be done by the National University of El Salvador and a conservation and reforestation program in areas surrounding the project.

El Salvador Renewable Energy

The project will also contribute to income for local municipalities, being used for providing the population with better services improving the coverage of basic needs. The project aligns with national sustainable energy strategies and climate change mitigation principles.

Certified by UNFCCC Project 0297:

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