How to buy carbon credits in Australia

Buying carbon credits to offset your carbon footprint

How do carbon credits work in Australia?

How does buying carbon offsets work when you use a company to provide credits that fund emissions reductions projects?

One carbon credit represents one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent. Companies that sell carbon offsets price their credits independently according to factors such as the current market price and the projects that the carbon credits will be invested into.

How to buy carbon offsets

Purchasing carbon credits in Australia is not a simple process. If your organisation does not have an account with the Clean Energy Regulator you will not be able to purchase any Australian Carbon Credit Units. In this case, you will need to have a Carbon retailer offset your carbon footprint on your behalf.

If your organisation does hold an account with the Clean Energy Regulator, you will need to deal directly with Project Aggregators or Project Developers to purchase your carbon credits. Alternatively, you can have a carbon retailer organise the offsetting of your carbon footprint on your behalf for a fee.

Carbonhalo can help you reach net zero carbon emissions by guiding your organisation on an emissions reduction journey helping you measure, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, offset any remaining emissions, and share and celebrate your achievements simply follow:

  • Step 1: Calculate your carbon footprint 
  • Step 2: Identify key areas where you can minimise your impact 
  • Step 3: Buy carbon credits through a Halo plan to start offsetting through carbon mitigation projects

Through these simple steps, you can help support a variety of carbon offset projects that meet the verified carbon standard and include reforestation, improving local communities basic living standards, and renewable energy projects such as the Ghani Solar project and the Adana Turkey Hydropower project.

Purchase carbon offsets for a positive impact on the globe

Why choose to buy carbon credits?

If your business pursues carbon neutrality, however, it should seek to use carbon offsets sparingly and only consider them at the tail end of a business’s reduction strategy, remembering that purchasing carbon offsets is a business expense, whereas reducing emissions can be a cost saving.

Carbon credits are a way for individuals and businesses to easily become carbon neutral, and to contribute to specific projects with the sole aim of positive climate change. When it is done properly it enables businesses and their customers to acknowledge and then demonstrate their responsibility for the climate impact they have in doing business.

It requires careful selection of the right projects it funds typically in climate actives that would not have normally economically been viable therefore a loss in the opportunity to prevent or reduce carbon emissions.

Selecting projects in developing countries (in theory) with co-benefits offers localised employment, improved health, biodiversity, women’s rights, land rights, and wider social benefits.

Technology today means that the complex work in calculating your carbon footprint has been done for you, so it’s only a matter of selecting a few variables from dropdown menus and away you go, look to reduce where you can then select a plan to offset what remains.

When you choose to buy carbon credits, you help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and have a positive impact on climate change. By funding carbon offset projects aimed at emissions reduction you:

  • Support a healthier environment 
  • Support healthier biodiversity 
  • Support climate awareness 

Do your part to empower climate action and buy carbon credits to offset your personal or business emissions.