Our Climate Projects

Carbonhalo funds climate projects that reduce emissions and offer co-benefits for local communities

Projects are carefully selected that meet the highest certification standards and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Climate projects can vary in price significantly restricting the ability of customers to participate in specific projects; therefore Carbonhalo combines all its climate projects together giving customers participation across a wide range of climate initiatives at an overall lower cost.

Each carbon credit = a tonne of CO2e. We know a carbon footprint rarely equals exactly a whole tonne of CO2e.  Our platform has been designed to enable the exact quantity of a carbon footprint to be offset on your behalf.

Some of our trusted partnerships

Some of the Projects Supported

Carbonhalo provides verified carbon credits that focus on emissions reductions projects across the globe. These projects include renewable energy, technology based emissions reduction, regeneration of natural habitat and capturing of waste. See some of our projects below.