Karmo is taking
climate action


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The Karmo Journey

Karmo is taking action to minimise their climate impact

At Karmo, our mission is clear: to disrupt and revolutionise the traditional car ownership and accessibility model. We’re committed to making vehicles not only easier to access but also more affordable, all without compromising the vital elements of flexibility and convenience demanded in today’s fast-paced world. We offer Australian’s convenient and affordable car subscriptions for personal, rideshare, and business fleet that include all on-road costs. We offer a great range of vehicle options including our ever-growing fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles. We’re dedicated to advancing sustainability within the automotive sector and the way we conduct business.

About Human Synergistics

  • Journey start: Jun 2022 - Sep 2024
  • Status: Taking Climate Action
  • Size: 10-24 Employees
  • Sector: Transport, Postal and Warehousing

Sustainable Development Goals

Enabling the transition to electrified transport across Australian cities

We’ve undertaken steps to measure our carbon footprint,  actively reducing emissions and offset whats unavoidable

Assisting customers with charging solutions facilitating the transition to Electrified transport


Karmo are committed to exceeding our goal of a 30% Electric Fleet by 2024. To do this, we have set clear strategic purchasing and operational targets to ensure the growth of the electric vehicle offering for the Australian market. We are committed to educating our customer throughout their Karmo journey so they are equipped with the knowledge they need to comfortably make the transition to an electric vehicle.With an increase in electric vehicles on our roads, we are committed to help employers set up their business to support electric vehicle drivers by assisting in electric charging solutions.


We have increased our purchasing facility committed strictly to electric vehicles. We have increased focus on electric vehicles across all areas of our business including marketing, sales, operations and of course fleet management. We provide customers assistance with charging solutions and encourage adoption of EV to every customer we possible can..

As one of the largest contributors to global warming, it is important the automotive industry takes a stand and encourages, educates and facilitates the Australian market to adopt a greener future with electric vehicles. Karmo recognise the importance of this and has created a business model where our customers can access electric and hybrid vehicles in a convenient and affordable way, without the long-term financial risk or commitment.