Using the Carbonhalo carbon footprint calculator

Carbonhalo has developed a carbon footprint calculator to specifically help:

Using the carbon footprint calculator is the first step in understanding your carbon footprint and where you can focus efforts to reduce your emissions.

Our carbon footprint calculators will ask for specific information that will produce an estimate of carbon emissions based on your circumstances.

After you calculate your carbon footprint, you will have the option to pick a carbon offset plan, and automatically offset your emissions every month.

How does the personal carbon calculator Australia calculate my carbon emissions?

Your personal carbon footprint is based on lifestyle choices. Our carbon offset calculator takes into account a range of key factors, including:

  • Household location
  • Household size and dietary preferences
  • Resource consumption, for instance, electricity, energy mix including renewable energy and fuel oil
  • Waste and how you recycle
  • Transportation for example number of cars, vehicle usage and distance
  • Short and long-haul flights

The results are compiled and then benchmarked against average emissions factors represented in tCO2 (tonnes carbon dioxide) per year which represents your ecological footprint.

Each person contributes to climate change every day. By using our carbon emission calculator, you are able to see how much of an impact we have on the environment and the specific areas where you can minimise your carbon footprint.

We help you offset any remaining carbon dioxide emissions by funding climate active projects through our Halo plans. For reference, we may use as a comparison “how many trees to offset my carbon footprint” purely to help you understand the impact your carbon footprint has.

Calculate your footprint today to start your journey towards helping heal our planet.

How does the business carbon calculator calculate my business’ carbon emissions?

Our business carbon use calculator has been designed to make it easy to measure your business’s carbon footprint. Our aim is to empower your business to take climate action in the simplest and most affordable way.

The first step is to use the carbon calculator estimate free on our site. This provides only a high-level estimate based on industry averages. For a more detailed and business-specific estimate please contact us. The calculator uses proprietary metrics and data from globally recognised sources including the Australian Government Initiative Climate Active, GHG Protocol emissions factors, and ISO14064 and ISO 14065 standards.

Your business carbon footprint is made up of three (3) areas known as Scopes.

  • Scope 1 – These are your business’ direct emissions from your operations that are in direct financial or operational control
  • Scope 2 – These are the indirect emissions incurred as a result of emissions generated by purchased electricity and energy sources
  • Scope 3 – These are indirect emissions that occur within the business value chain that includes upstream and downstream activity e.g. A courier service that delivers your products.

Similar to an individual carbon footprint, business carbon emissions also include:

  • Energy sources like electricity, fuels for heating & cooling
  • Water usage and waste
  • General and recycled waste
  • Employees within the business and their commuting preferences
  • Size of the business and its facilities
  • Supplier spend and materials used within the operations
  • Business vehicles and business travel

Once your business has measured its carbon footprint, you have the option to look at ways to reduce these carbon dioxide emissions and take positive climate action. This normally requires some simple steps combined with some offsetting in climate projects. To begin your low-carbon journey take a look at our business offsetting program.

Some of our trusted partnerships

Employee carbon footprint calculator

For employers seeking to address climate change beyond the business itself; Carbonhalo offers employers the opportunity to participate in an employee offset program which empowers employees with greater climate awareness and encourages them to take action at home to reduce their impact outside of the business.

The employee calculator uses the individual calculator data to assess the total carbon footprint. This provides employers the option to match an employee’s offsetting commitments. For a demonstration of this offsetting program contact our team. 

Calculate a vehicle’s carbon footprint

The majority of vehicles are powered by fossil fuels which have a big impact on climate change. Carbonhalo has created a vehicle calculator that can be used either for a household vehicle’s carbon footprint or for business use. The average vehicle emissions in Australia is calculated at 3.2t greenhouse gas emissions per year.

For customised results, the calculator pulls data from the latest industry averages by vehicle type and categorises them into Small / Passenger SUV and Large Passenger / SUV & Utility. It then takes the fuel type and distance per year travelled into account.