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Hall & Hart’s Journey

Hall & Hart is taking action to minimise their climate impact

In our endeavor to address the pressing issue of climate change, we have conducted a thorough assessment of our Carbon Footprint and identified key areas where our actions can have the greatest impact. To begin, we have initiated the upgrading of our standard inclusions, particularly in the areas of insulation and glazing, as well as the evaluation of solar energy options. Simultaneously, we are actively developing internal capabilities to assess the energy performance of new home designs, measure the embodied carbon in new construction projects and reviewing our site cleaning practices to maximize recycling efforts.

About Hall & Hart

  • Journey start: May 2023
  • Status: Carbon Footprint Verified
  • Size: 25-49 Employees
  • Sector: Construction

Sustainable Development Goals

Assessing energy efficiency in new home designs, and including solar & EV charging in our standards.

All new homes to exceed the Nathers 7 Star rating by increasing insulation standards for efficiency.

We’ve formally measured our baseline emissions and are actively reducing Scope 1 & 2.


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to the achievement of Australia's 2030 carbon targets. We recognise the importance of addressing climate change and the very significant role that the construction industry plays in this effort. One element of our commitment is to ensure 70% of construction waste is recyclable, and incorporating Solar and Car Charging as part of a standard offering.


As a leader in residential home construction we have taken the steps to begin work on measuring the embodied carbon of materials used within construction, this will enable customers to have a clear picture of the impact of the construction process, it will also drive better decisions on material sourcing and usage, home design and construction methods.

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