Climate Action

We get it! Carbon is complex. That’s why we’ve created a transparent new platform that empowers good businesses and people to take simple and affordable climate action.

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Why choose Carbonhalo?


Removing the complexity of carbon accounting, streamlining your low carbon journey


Lowering the cost of climate action with tailored reduction strategies and diversified projects


Giving back to the community through investment into co-benefit projects & bonus tree planting


Peace of mind you are dealing with certified carbon energy professionals of the highest standards

How does Carbonhalo benefit your business?

Save time
We take away the complexity, keeping you focused on what's important; your business.
Act locally
The knowledge that our offsets include Australian projects all hand picked by our qualified team.
Share your impact
Access to a marketing toolkit so your business can share your climate impact, without the greenwashing.
Healthier bottomline
Reduces your costs and helps attract more value driven and loyal customers.

How are your unavoidable emissions balanced?

If your business chooses to balance unavoidable emissions, we use certified climate projects hand-picked by our qualified staff. All projects must meet criteria demonstrating several co-benefits for local communities.

In addition to these projects, every customer gets to plant a forest funded by Carbonhalo; this is done through our Planetree program in coordination with our reforestation partner Eden Reforestation Projects. This pays climate action forward for future generations.

We also plant 5 trees for every 1t CO2 you offset!

Begin your journey to lower your climate impact

Use our free carbon footprint calculator for business to get a high-level estimate. Or contact us for a business specific customised assessment.

Where do you want to start?

Calculate an estimate of your carbon footprint

Enter the details of your business and we will provide an estimate of the cost to balance out your carbon footprint.

A typical carbon footprint
for your business is

0.00 tonnes of CO2
each month

How much does it cost to balance my business emissions?

What's included:

  • Handpicked certified climate projects for offsetting of unavoidable emissions.
  • Marketing kit to help you share your climate journey with others
  • Bonus tree planting through our Planettree program - 5 x trees for every 1t CO2e offset through the platform

Seedling Halo

You're a climate warrior with a minimal footprint.

6.0t CO2 per year +

30 Trees planted for you

$9.90 /month

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Sprouting Halo

You're on the journey to minimise your impact

13.0t CO2 per year +

65 Trees planted for

$19.90 /month

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Garden Halo

You're ready to take action to reduce your footprint

20.0t CO2 per year +

100 Trees planted for you

$29.90 /month

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Unsure of which plan best suits your lifestyle?
Use our free calculator to get your footprint and decide. It only takes 1 minute.