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ReOils’ Journey

ReOil is taking action to minimise their climate impact

At ReOil we are passionate about looking after the environment and our business partners. As a purpose lead business, we have focused on offering products and services that allow us to do both. By pushing the boundaries we are enabling other businesses to embrace sustainable practices without compromising on the performance or quality of the products used. We are constantly looking for new ways to support this goal.

About ReOil

  • Journey start: Mar 2023
  • Status: Verified Baseline Measurement
  • Size: 1-10 Employees
  • Sector: Petrochemical

Sustainable Development Goals

We provide low-carbon petrochemical alternatives, by measuring and understanding our carbon footprint, we are actively looking at ways to reduce our emissions without using any offsets.


Innovation of low carbon alternatives specifically for raw materials and finished products.


We have measured our company's baseline emissions and actively exploring new ways and products to reduce our's and our customers emissions further.

ReOil is an innovative Australian-owned company dedicated to revolutionising the petrochemical industry with its Environmental alternative range of products. ReOil has set its sites on transforming the landscape of the Petrochemical industry with its low carbon re-refined and sustainable base fluids.

By using advanced techniques waste oil and renewable feedstocks are turned into a valuable resource, offering a lower impact product in a world where increasing demand for lubricants and base oils is present. In addition to these core products ReOil provides, lubricant additives, finished lubricants, wax additives derived from recycled plastic as well as services and equipment affiliated to the industry.