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Seedling Halo

You're a climate warrior with a minimal footprint.

6.0t CO2 per year +

30 Trees planted for you

$9.90 /month

Sprouting Halo

You're on the journey to minimise your impact

13.0t CO2 per year +

65 Trees planted for you

$19.90 /month

Garden Halo

You're ready to take action to reduce your footprint

20.0t CO2 per year +

100 Trees planted for you

$29.90 /month

Projects where impact is made

Canadian Solid Waste Diversion – VERRA

Project Summary This project focuses on the use of technology to assist small to medium businesses with the aim of

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Savanna Fire Management -ACCU

This project is located in the Cape York Peninsula North Queensland. Olkola Ajinis a fully indigenous owned and operated site

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Parro River North – CER ACCU

Project Summary TThis Australian project is focused on Human-Induced Native Forest Regeneration in South West Queensland with an applied methodology

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How is this calculated?

Household and Lifestyle emissions  

We use publically available emissions factors across various globally certified bodies to calculate household emissions, our method uses the Department of Climate Change, Energy & Water (DCCEW), ISO 14064, the GHG protocol, and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) as industry benchmarks.

Key areas we calculate are:

  • Energy usage by heating, cooling, and appliances
  • The use of vehicles consuming petrol or diesel 
  • Food consumption, goods, and services purchased
  • Household waste, like food, water, rubbish, and recycling

In Australia, the average household generates 15-20 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. The size of your household emissions or carbon footprint changes depending on the size of your family and where you’re located. 

How it works

Your household emissions are balanced using carbon offsets in certified climate projects.

Carbonhalo funds certified climate projects that either avoid, reduce, or remove CO2 pollution from our atmosphere, this is called offsetting.

Offsetting is one of the ways individuals and families can contribute to positive climate action. For simplicity 1 x offset equals 1 x tonne of CO2 in addition to this for every 1 tonne of CO2 offset through our platform, Carbonhalo also funds the planting of 5 trees through our Planetree Program.

Where do my payments go?

Every month your contribution helps reduce CO2 emissions, and provides support for local communities.

Because climate change is a global problem, we fund projects across the globe. These projects replace lost biodiversity, install renewable energy, and invest in technology that avoids, reduces, or removes CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.

The projects we fund also offer co-benefits, which means they also provide local community benefits like employment and better standards of living.