Siecap is taking
climate action


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Siecap’s Journey

Siecap is taking action to minimise their climate impact

Formed in 2007, Siecap is a specialist project management and advisory firm providing a full range of corporate, capital project, and operational services which assist clients to optimise cost, increase performance and manage risk.

Through its operations, it has a unique opportunity to see the emissions generated throughout its client’s supply chains. With this knowledge, Siecap felt compelled to take accountability for its own social responsibility by minimising its own CO2 emissions.

Our journey is not discrete, rather an ongoing process that aligns with our company values, in particular “Find a Way” there are always alternatives that can be found to minimise the impact our business has on the environment.

About Siecap

  • Journey start: May 2022
  • Status: Measured Carbon Neutral
  • Size: 25-50 Employees
  • Sector: Professional Services

Siecap is committed to first understanding its impact, evaluating and adjusting the way it does business minimising its climate impact. Siecap will lead by example by educating and training its employees, reducing emissions where possible and offset any unavoidable emissions.


Siecap have trained 50% of its staff in carbon management and accounting. We have also adopted a flexible work from home policy enabling reducing employee commute.

We have also begun a review of our suppliers looking at lower carbon alternatives, assessing the need for business travel.

In addition Siecap actively donates to Not For Profits that help underprivileged communities and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Siecap operates across a diverse set of industry sectors:

  • Energy & renewable services
  • Critical minerals
  • Supply chain
  • Agribusiness
  • Infrastructure

Project strategy and delivery are core services which span across the asset and investment lifecycle.

Siecap is built on its reputation for delivering for some of Australia’s largest and Global brands, known for its internal expertise and engineering Siecap has a boots-on-the-ground policy ensuring recommendations are actually implemented and delivered.

Siecap believes that whilst its impact is overall quite small, collectively these small changes make a big impact.