Fractal is taking
climate action


Total emissions balanced


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Fractal’s Journey

Fractal is taking action to minimise their climate impact

Fractal began its climate journey from the desire to create a better Earth for our children. Fractal’s founder and CEO, Gerard Doyle, is a father of two, and focuses many of his business ideals through the lens of “how would this impact them.” As a remote-first agency, Fractal’s offsetting strategy is built around analysing the digital products and services they use everyday, and establishing the amounts of carbon that their usage creates.

About Fractal

  • Journey start: May 2022
  • Status: Measured Carbon Neutral
  • Size: 3-10 Employees
  • Sector: Professional Services

We aim to continue to educate ourselves and our clients with greener alternatives for their business practices and promote energy conservation, in part offering our clients options to also be involved by taking climate action through the use of carbon offsets for the sale and development of their products.


Fractal as a remote agency recognises that operating digitally results in many unseen emissions. As a result, we continue to be proactive with learning about the products and services we engage with and urging their owners to also take steps to offset their impacts.

Formed in 2018, Fractal is a digital marketing agency built specifically to cater to the needs of startup businesses. Operating primarily out of South-East Queensland, they are a completely remote agency, letting their employees enjoy a better work-life balance and reducing their carbon footprint.

Through their contact with other early-stage businesses, Fractal has the unique opportunity to encourage growing businesses to consider their environmental impact and how to offset it. With this position, Fractal felt that putting their money where their mouth is was the only way forward.