Canadian Solid Waste Diversion – VERRA

Project Summary

This project focuses on the use of technology to assist small to medium businesses with the aim of adopting Energy Efficiency and Solid Waste Diversion Activities within the Province of Quebec and grouped together inside a Sustainable Community to establish a synergy between the Community of Clients’ Facilities optimising their energy use and resources – “Community ecology”.  This optimization is being facilitated by the introduction of new clean technology and by a significant change in behavior while operating their facilities.



Technology installed across residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial buildings/facilities will address all waste reduction activities on site, waste recovery and reuse inside the facilities or exchange of wastes with other facilities so they use them as input material in their production line, as defined as recycling. This synergy will be possible by spreading an electronic portal that stimulates and generates group opportunities through a waste exchange.

This project is applicable to the following activities:

  • Cardboard, pulp, paper, textiles, wood, wood products, and straw recycling or reuse
  • Organic compositing
  • Aerobic decomposition


Project Technology

Solid Waste Diversion Activities within the Province of Quebec will be achieved by the use of an amalgam of Information Communication Technology (ICT) – Web portals, tracking software, and wireless communication network – that once grouped and optimised together can stimulate and measure, in real time opportunities, environmental performance, and by all means, ICI facilities’ participation to sustainable development. ICT is applied through an electronic tracking platform for each Client Facility. An electronic account and an effective electronic link between all Client Facilities inside a territory will help to stimulate, to support and to measure their GHG-related activities.


Key Metrics

Type – Technology

Total CO2e Averted – 2.28Mt CO2 per year

Certified Project VERRA – VCS929