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Vinales Biomass Power Plant – VERRA Certified


Project Summary

The proposed project is undertaking the installation of a new biomass cogeneration power plant in the Viñales sawmill site in Chille. The new cogeneration plant is equipped with a new 210 ton/hr fluidized bed biomass power boiler and a 41 MW condensing/extracting turbo generator unit. What does this mean?
The project is designed to use biomass from industrial operations (sawdust and bark, mainly from sawmills) and biomass from forestry operations (from harvesting, thinning, and pruning operations) for electric power generation. The project essentially removes the uncontrollable burning of biomass in the open air or biomass left in piles to natural decay, releasing carbon.

Before the implementation of the project, the Viñales sawmill relied on an external company to supply heating for wood drying, and electric power. The proposed project is designed to integrate the new biomass power plant to be energy self-sufficient and to export surplus power to the grid for local use.

The project will assist in Chile’s sustainable growth by providing electricity to the Viñales sawmill and to the local grid through renewable biomass power generation. Without the Viñales project not only would there be no new clean energy injection into the local grid, but the Viñales sawmill would continue sourcing its electric power requirements from traditional fossil fuel sources. In addition, this project accomplishes a greenhouse (GHG) reduction benefit derived from reduced disposal and /or uncontrolled burning of biomass residues, which results in lower methane emissions to the atmosphere.

Key Metric:

Carbon Emission Reduction: 2.5M t CO2 over the project life

Certified by VERRA (VCS): Project 1186

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