Sell Your Home

Carbon Neutral

This package offsets the carbon footprint of your home for the duration your property is on the market.

This option is for a fixed 3 month period with an allowance of 3.68t CO2 in total which covers the typical carbon footprint of the average home in Queensland*

Proceeds are invested into certified climate active projects that reduce emissions into our atmosphere and also help local communities with the basic necessities of living.

Vendor Carbon Neutral Option

Offset 3.68t CO2 in total for a fixed 3 month term
$74.99 each
fixed 3 months

*Coverage only includes emissions generated from energy supply, consumption, waste and recycling, it does not include the lifestyles of the occupants living in the home, food purchases or any household travel. Carbonhalo always recommends first to reduce your carbon footprint where possible and only offset unavoidable emissions. Background image is sourced from highlife homes Gold Coast.