Welcome to the Green Leader program

This program is suitable for


enhancing the understanding of climate change, providing the knowledge to make informed choices and practical application for work and home

Business Owners

becoming better business operators, improved thinking, and engaging staff to align with key business values

In this program you will learn

Module 1


Climate change basics creating awareness

Module 2


Understand how carbon & emissions effect cycles

Module 3


Get into the detail on emissions and measurement

Module 4 & 5


Practical ways for business and home to be sustainable

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Benefit for your business and staff

  • Demonstrate commitment To social impact beyond the organisation itself.

  • Benefit local communities Through employee footprint reduction

  • Enhance brand perception By living the values outside of business

  • Inspire existing employees To take on their responsibility for climate impact

Take action using our intuitive platform

Step 1


Employees use the simple online Carbonhalo self-guided calculator

Step 2


Encourage the reduction of their footprint through practical suggestions

Step 3


For every ton CO2 an employee offsets and matched by your business – Carbonhalo purchases the equivalent carbon credits in curated projects

Step 4


On impact at company level