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How does offsetting my carbon footprint help the planet?

We should all try to reduce our carbon emissions where we can. For the unavoidable emissions leftover, Carbonhalo is here to offset them with verified carbon credits that fund emissions reductions project across the globe.

These projects include reforestation, preventing deforestation and investing in technology and initiatives that reduce or remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

When you purchase a carbon credit through Carbonhalo, your money goes towards funding these important projects that help protect our planet.

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Calculate my carbon footprint

For a more simplified calculation

A typical carbon footprint for
a household in your area is
0.00 tonnes of CO2
each year

Looking for a more customised calculation?

Input more specific data including energy usage, transport and diet for a more detailed breakdown of your carbon footprint.

Seedling Halo

You're a climate warrior with a minimal footprint.
- 6.0t CO2 per year +
- 30 Trees planted for you
Take Action

Sprouting Halo

You're on the journey to minimise your impact
- 13.0t CO2 per year +
- 65 Trees planted for you
Offset Now

Garden Halo

You're ready to take action to reduce your footprint
- 20.0t CO2 per year +
- 100 Trees planted for you
Offset Now

Forest Halo

The perfect family plan or for climate hero's
- 35.0t CO2 per year +
- 175 Trees planted for you
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Monthly amount billed annually

Seedling Halo

Cover a small portion of your household’s carbon footprint, and offset 8.5 tonnes of CO2 a year (that’s 360 trees).
Offset Now

Sprouting Halo

Cover the basics of your household’s carbon footprint, and offset 16.8 tonnes of CO2 a year (that's 720 trees).
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Garden Halo

Cover a good portion of your household carbon footprint , and offset 22 tonnes of CO2 a year (that's 942 trees).
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Forest Halo

Cover most of your household carbon footprint, and offset 39 tonnes of CO2 a year (that’s 1670 trees).
Offset Now

What our plans cover

Our Halo plans cover the emissions a typical household makes

These are calculated based on the emissions created from: 

  • Petrol or diesel cars 
  • Energy usage through heating, cooling, and appliances
  • Food, goods, and services
  • Household waste, like food, water, rubbish, and recycling

In Australia, the average person generates around 19.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. In the U.S., it’s 16.6 tonnes. The size of your carbon footprint changes depending on the size of your family and where you’re located. 

How it works

Verified, instant and gobally accessible, all our carbon credits are fully transparent and fully certified.

Carbon credits are digital tradeable certificates that we either secure on the Blockchain ecosystem or exchange, to allow for transparent transactions and disposal. All tokenised standard Voluntary Carbon Units are equal to 1 tonne of carbon emissions. Each token burned or retired immediately offsets that 1 tonne of CO2. Once we retire the token, its impossible to be used again, meaning we can certify it as single use.

Where do my payments go?

Every month your contribution helps reduce CO2 emissions, plus helps us find ways to better the environment.

Because climate change is a global problem, we fund emission reduction projects across the globe. These projects include replanting forests, preventing deforestation, and investing in technology that reduces or removes CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. Some projects we fund are also co-benefit, which means they reduce emissions while providing local community benefits like employment and better standards of living. 

Up to 80% of your funds go towards Climate Active projects. Only a small portion funds our platform, and the legal stuff we need to operate.