Cloutly has taken action to minimise their climate impact


Aug '22 - Aug '23


34.84 tC02


174 trees planted

The Cloutly Story

Cloutly is a reputation and reviews management platform that helps you drive, monitor, respond to, and showcase customer reviews for your business quickly and effectively all in one place.

The Cloutly team was already doing what they could to minimise their climate impact through limited employee commutes, choice of transport to low emissions, and no emission modes. Participation within the 1% initiative towards sustainability and other climate initiatives. Even with all this the business still had a small carbon footprint (8.7t Co2 p.a.) to deal with.

The team wanted to ensure that they went above and beyond their own emissions and balance a significant amount more than their unavoidable emissions. We really want to thank Cloutly for making a fantastic positive impact on the climate.

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The Steps to become carbon neutral


Understand what your family’s or business’ carbon footprint is


Identify key areas where you can minimise your carbon footprint


Automate the offsetting of unavoidable emissions through certified climate active projects


Share your action and progress with your family, friends and colleagues or customers

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Where does your money go?

Carbonhalo provides verified carbon credits that fund emissions reductions projects across the globe. These projects include replanting forests, preventing deforestation, and investing in technology that reduces or removes CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. See some of our projects below.