Siecap is taking action to minimise their climate impact


May '22 - May '23


77.35 tC02


387 trees planted

The Siecap Story

Formed in 2007, Siecap is a specialist project management and advisory firm providing a full range of corporate, capital project, and operational services which assist clients to optimise cost, increase performance and manage risk.

Through its operations, it has a unique opportunity to see the emissions generated throughout its client’s supply chains. With this knowledge, Siecap felt compelled to take accountability for its own social responsibility by minimising its own CO2 emissions.

Siecap has begun its climate journey by understanding its carbon footprint and adopting an approach that first looks at the reduction and offsetting of unavoidable emissions. Siecap is looking at ways it can minimise its emissions, beginning with a review of alternative suppliers that offer lower carbon alternatives, by assessing its need for travel by opting for video conferencing instead, or use of public transport where travel is required and possible.

Siecap is certified to undertake ISO-compliant carbon inventory and auditing but chose to use Carbonhalo because it fits perfectly within the small to medium business niche removing the verification complexity but still achieving an accurate carbon footprint and end-to-end solution in one platform.


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The Steps to become carbon neutral


Understand what your family’s or business’ carbon footprint is


Identify key areas where you can minimise your carbon footprint


Automate the offsetting of unavoidable emissions through certified climate active projects


Share your action and progress with your family, friends and colleagues or customers

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Where does your money go?

Carbonhalo provides verified carbon credits that fund emissions reductions projects across the globe. These projects include replanting forests, preventing deforestation, and investing in technology that reduces or removes CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. See some of our projects below.